Hawkplay Brand New Level Status

–Achieve better Status, more rewards, and Weekly /Monthly Bonus Giveaways ! —

Level NameTotal DepositTotal Valid Bet Single Withdrawal limitMaximum Withdrawal times per DayLevel Upgrade RewardWeekly RewardMonthly RewardBonus Bet times
Regular200010 K50 K
Explorer10 K100 K10 K50 K
Adventurer30 K300 K10 K50 K1006 x
Trailblazer50 K500 K30 K100 K200506 x
Prime100 K1 M50 K200 K3001001006 x
Elite200 K2.5 M100 K300 K5002502506 x
Premium300 K5 M200 K500 K1,0005005006 x
Supreme500 K7.5 M300 K1 M2,00050010006 x
MAHARLIKA1 M10 M500 K2 M5,0001,0002,0003 x
Diamond King5 M50 M500 K2 M10,0001,0002,0003 x
Legend Lord10 M100 M500 K2 M25,0001,5002,0003 x
Ultimate God20 M200 M500 K2 M50,0002,0002,0003 x

heartAs our Hawkplay membership grows, we have added three new tiers -【 Explorer, Adventurer, and Trailblazer】- between Regular and Elite to provide better experiences and more rewards for our players .

heartHawkplay have also added three more honorable levels 【 Diamond King, Legend Lord and Ultimate God 】 to provide better experiences and more rewards for our players.

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enlightenedSpecial Note:

1. Deposits and Valid Bets are calculated cumulatively from the time of registration.

2. The promotion bonus needs to corresponding turnover limit . Please check the level details in the member center

3. The same member, the same name, the same payment account number, and the same IP account can only enjoy the promotion bonus

4. If it is found that the player uses improper means to obtain website rewards, HAWKPLAY reserves the right to cancel the player’s discount.

5. The final interpretation right of the above offers belongs to HAWKPLAY .